2 Average


Meet Aisha (Sonam Kapoor). She’s pretty, she’s confident and she’s fashionable. She's also an artist, a shop-a-holic and a keen gardener. This rich brat spends daddy’s money on unpronounceable designer labels and swanky nightclubs, and yet, we are told she has a heart of gold. In her earnestness to do ‘good’ for ‘unfortunate’ beings, she ends up matchmaking couples and giving high fashion make-overs to simple desi girls. Sonam Kapoor is quite believable as the urban spoilt brat--Aisha. Her confident attitude and fine body language almost compensate for some unclear dialogue delivery. Yet, Aisha's transformation from spoilt child to a more mature adult just doesn’t come through. While the makers try to convey this 'growing up' in words, we dont see it and the screenplay betrays her character.
The theme of this film, of westernized Indian youth grappling with their identity, is interesting. But what starts out like a smart adaptation of a classic novel, ends up like a typical Hollywood rom-com that we have seen too many times.