2 Average


the movie a dull attempt, nothing fresh or new, hritik is an excellent actor no doubt, but the role wasnt for him, it needed someone who can depict a heroism like AB in older version, just geting a ripped physique wont make u hero, the screenplay is too dull, no high point in the movie, except the death sequence of rishi kapoor, whereas the previous agneepath had a awesome screenplay great punches by AB, and the mastero mukul anand, there were many scenes in the previous movie that raise ur pulses and make u whistle, but this one is boring, and the priyanka chopra and hritik;s sister track added more nuisance to the movie, music wasnt good, neither it was in the previous version direction was up to the mark but the director had a very dull script. hritik as i said did a good job but his persona is not of someone who can play a BHAI or a mafia
he looks handsome and dude... sanju is awesome, but his role wasnt written very well, the best part of the movie i would say is RISHI KAPOOR, what an outstansding performance..