2 Average


I had not seen original of Big B. So went with open mind and came back disappointed.

a) There is no fire in Hrithik's acting or characterisation. Where is the anger sir? We don't see in his eyes or body language. Giving green eyes does not make a man angry isn’t it?

b) All the hoopla around Sanjay dutts Kancha - thanks to nice trailers - is totally misplaced in the movie. As my friend who saw movie with me told rightly, Sanju walks like Munna bhai and talks like Munna bhai and not like Kancha!! How we miss Amrish Puri or Danny or Pran!!!

c) Songs - Was songs really needed in this movie?? None of them - except Ganesha song - complements the flow of the movie. Even Chkni Chameli is only to titillate. Nothing else.

d) Misplaced mother - son emotional scenes. There is no emotion in them. These scenes just drag the movie.

e) Sound track is too loud.

f) The action scenes are bizarre. Specailly the climax. The meek surrender of Kancha is unbelievable. Possibly the director wanted to end the film fast!!

g) Unrealistic scenes - starting from father - son in the beginning to when Hrithik stabs the buddy of Kancha in Ganesh visarjan to the climax when Hrithik after beaten out of the blue and stabbed three times by Sanjay gets all energy to lift him and throw him down. Take a closer look at his abdomen and there is no sign of any wounds!!!! Whom are you fooling sir?

The best part of the movie is Rishi Kapoor who is genuine, honest and superbly acted. I feel bad for Hrithik as i like him as an actor - among the best in India today - and person.

Indian audience has moved beyond all these clichés. Be honest and don’t tout it as the @greatest drama" etc. You either have Salman Khan - Rajnikant brand of cinema which is pure "Time pass" or give us some good realistic stuff and create drama.

I am not sure how Taran Adarsh has given 4.5 stars for the movie. It can be rated not more than 2 stars.