4 Very Good


When I first heard about the remake of Agneepath, the first question which hits my mind is why the hell K Jo is trying to do so? But from the first trailer onwards, I am assure that this film can compete with expectation of the people.

Today after watching the movie, I can say that this is a much better fare than the previous one. Okay, Mukul Anand's version has a cult status among the Hindi Cine Fans, but the basic reason behind this is Mr. Bachchan's National Award Winning performance and the way of his portrayal of the legendary character of "Vijay Dinanath Chauhan". But Karan Malhotra's adaptation is somehow a much powerful combination of all the component of movie. Right from the vengeance of Vijay or menaces of Kanchaa, everything seems astonishing and perfect on screen.

Karan Malhotra has retained the soul of the movie but has treated it in his own way. The start and climax are almost same but the saga of vengeance is changed. And here enters one more powerful character of Rauf Lala(played by Rishi Kapoor). Thank god there is neither Krishnan Iyer M.A nor his over the top romance song with Siksha(Vijay's Sister). But here the emotional quotient of Vijay and his sister is increased much more than the previous one. Also neither Vijay nor Kanchaa try to be suave in style department. They are crime lord and they act like that. The climax is somehow much more filmy but obviously, this vendetta story needs a such kind of climax.

You can't compare any actor with Big B, especially the Bachchan of Agneepath. Though Amit ji has tries to imitate Manya Surve(a real time Don of 80's) and style quotient of Al Pacino's character from Scarface. But Hrithik Roshan has ruled out all the question for comparison. Or in other words director has cleverly changed the personalty of the main character so as to make the comparisons negligible. The new Vijay is much more clever and cold blooded. And Hrithik played the newer version with great excellence. He never tries to step into the shoes of Bachchan(although he steps into the shoes of Rauf Lala in the movie). He played the character in his own way. He has the pain in his eye. The scene between him and his sister have some emotional highs. It is one of his landmark performance.

Sanju Baba as Kanchaa has touched a new heights. After Khalnayak and Vastav, it is the role where he comes out even more deadlier. He is somewhat a psychopath reciting quotes from Geeta. He is far more excellent than his predecessor Dany. Now a new character of Rauf Lala played by Rishi Kapoor is top notch performance. Anyone who believe that he his only comfortable with romantic role has to see this movie which will prove them wrong. He has dwell the character perfectly.

The female character has nothing to do, neither in 90's nor now. So Priyanka Chaopra is just okey according to character. The other characters like Zareena Wahab, Om Puri, Chetan Pandit, and the girl who played the character of Vijay's Sister are good in their small but important role. The child who played the young Vijay is a revelation. Ha has the same pain and anger as it has to be in the character

Karan Malhotra deserve a great applause for choosing a movie like Agneepath for debut. He has provide a gentle treatment to the movie. He has edited out all sorts of Odd from the Mukul Anand's version but doesn't interfere with the soul of the movie. The dialogue from Piyush Mishra are first rate. Though it lack in numbers but they are witty and rough enough for the whistles and applause in single screen.

The music is fine. Especially, Chikni Chameli which will increase the number of audience from northern belt and O Saiyyan who wants to listen some soothing music effect. Background score is excellent. It provide the feel of vengeance. Art Direction is top notch. Cinematography is okay. Choreography is good in the only item song

Finally, this Agneepth is a classic tribute to the cult film.And it will surely make the character of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan much more popular and iconic.