3.5 Very Good


Ajay Devgn is having an excellent year; three big hits, and this one is another to be in list. This film is a compelling drama with a superb action-thriller flavor attached to it. The dialogues are great and they compliment the proceedings. The story revolves well and the credit goes to the writers who have come up with a story that needed to be told though in a potboiler way. The director also sticks to his plot and remains faithful to the script though he takes his time to begin with the plot. Pritam’s music may disappoint but the music hardly has any scope apart from two songs. The length in the first hour should have been trimmed to create a strong impression because there are some scenes in the first half, which aren’t the perfect suit to this film which have many things to tell. Anyways, the second hour is tighter and even gripping with a fine screenplay written. Ajay Devgn is fantabulous; you will be speechless on his performance. Akshaye is excellent and good to see him in a film which had substance written for him. Chemistry between Ajay and Akshaye is a treat to watch because nobody overshadow anyone and they goes in the same path. Bipasha tries too hard but still we cannot get with her performance. Paresh Rawal displays a superb portrayal of a corrupt officer; he gives a splendid performance here. Reema Sen also puts her best efforts and succeeds in her act. The director does well in directing his cast. When performances are so bright, script doesn’t have much to do but here the story too makes the space. On the whole, “Aakrosh” is a very good fare but regrets for lengthy and slow tuning first hour. But in final tally the film is much appreciated in today’s time because of the ingredients it has. It is hard-hitting, it’s violent, it’s appealing and it’s inspiring. Just make some space out of your work to watch this film. Big thumbs up to everyone making it.
Review: 3.5/5