5 Excellent


What a bravura performance by Akshaye Khanna who has the guts to play his role in an understated technique. He has cleverly and intentionally presented himself understated and expressed in a very subtle and effective way. Yes, Akshaye Khanna is excellent and superb in Aakrosh because he has underplayed his character so perfectly that he looks like the senior and mature hero of the film. Ajay is very good too all thanks to his meatier roles, actions and dialogues.

Akshaye Khanna doesn't let Ajay who has more dialogues and action scenes overshadow his screen presence. This is how the chemistry between Khanna and Devgan turns out so fabulous. Their characters complement each other so much that both of them look as the equal solid heroes of the film.

Overall, it's a magnificient film by Priyan all thanks to awesome cinematography by Thiru. It's a must-watch film for the best performances by Akshaye & Ajay and their wonderful chemistry.