5 Excellent

A Wednesday !

A Wednesday: Bollywood coming out of shadow of SRK

Who needs exotic locations like Australia and Switzerland when an under construct building of Mumbai can excite you so much, who needs 14 songs a movie and thereby making it 3 hr and 45 min when a good story told in 90 min can keep you wondering for days together and then who needs SRK and Aishwarya – when two veteran old actors can give such a magnificent performances............
A Wednesday – tell of maturing bollywood, emerging talent in direction and perfection in each and every category of film making. There is something for every kind of audience - be it Masala loving, entertainment loving or audience of parallel cinema.
This film, unlike other bollywood movies starts in first minute and then never looses its grip for a moment also. This movie is having background of most tried subject of Mumbai bomb blast, but that is the only common thing it sharing with other movies – rest is shear excellence of storyteller and director Neeraj Pandey. As already told movie do not loses its pace anywhere. Story goes on building and taking some bizarre turns giving audiences some surprises. Then comes the climax which is an unforgettable experience – made larger than life by Naseer sir’s performance.
Further in cinematography, camera of Fuwad Khan is superb – capturing minute details of personalities of Naseer sir, Anupam Sir and Jimi shergil. Story is refreshing and less or never travelled path in bollywood - credit should be given to producers for going for such a wonderful but brave script. Background score by Sanjoy Chowdhary is just perfect and well gelled with story.
This story demands directors perfection and Neeraj has done total justice with it. He has got supreme support from all the actors. On performance front, Naseer sir is on his best, Anupam Sir has also delivered with the strength required to stand against legendary Naseer. Jimi also secure his own space in movie and never got lost in the shadow of these two NIFT classmates. In fact his acting has flourished over the time and it shows. Every other small character like Aamir Bashir and Deepal Shaw is also remarkable.
On a whole, A Wednesday is one of the benchmark movies of bollywood – a rare, pleasant experience – do watch it.