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A Wednesday ! Music Review


One is actually puzzled when presented the audio CD of A Wednesday. How can a movie, which is plot driven and tells a tale on a particular Wednesday between afternoon and evening, actually have a place for songs. Ok, so there could be a few situational background pieces but five of them in a single movie is a bit difficult to digest. Well, to be fair to A Wednesday, it is not the first to be experimenting on such lines when it comes to the plot and the music which accompanies it. Very recently Aamir succeeded in doing so quite brilliantly and last year's Ek Chalis Ki Last Local was not far behind either. This is why, with a mixed emotion, one plays on the soundtrack by Sanjoy Chowdhury which has lyrics by Irshad Kamil.

First to arrive is 'Bulle Shah' which, of course is a Bulle Shah creation and has been given a rock avtar by singer Tochi and composer Sanjoy. With hardcore rooted lyrics as heard in Rabbi Shergill's songs, 'Bulle Shah' comes with a good mix of spiritual and lively feel that makes it instantly likeable in the second hearing itself. One wonders why a song like this (or it's 'remix version' which thankfully isn't an assault on ears) has been concealed for so long when the film's release is just round the corner. If only the music video of 'Bulle Shah' was unleashed at least a fortnight back, it would have added on to the hype of A Wednesday' However, the question still remains that how exactly would this track fit into the film's narrative?

30 seconds into 'Jalwa' and you end up being indifferent to this song where Shaan goes 'rock' with a vengeance. A number about life in general where Shaan does try to infuse life into this composition, 'Jalwa' is similar to countless ad jingles centered on revolutionary ideas. Not quite a number which makes one interested in playing it on over and again, 'Jalwa' makes way for 'Nazar Lage Na' which is the next to come.

This time around, Shaan has Mahalaxami for company (the only instance in the entire album where a female voice is heard). A serene beginning to 'Nazar Lage Na' gives an impression of a romantic duet to follow. Well, though the song does aim at getting the feeling of love on, one sincerely hopes that this one doesn't make it to the final cut of the narrative due to its really boring feel, tune and orchestra. A poetic track which is a clear misfit into the scheme of things as far as A Wednesday is concerned (which is mainly a thrilling outing), 'Nazar Lage Na' looses it's audience in it's first two minutes itself, much before Shaan arrives on scene.

Shaan makes it three-in-a-row with 'Parwazen' that has its guitar beginning reminding of Rabbi's own 'Bulla Ki Jaana Main'. A soft rock track which is reminiscent to the kind of sound heard in Rock On quite recently, 'Parwazen' is the first engaging number to arrive after 'Bulle Shah'. A decently paced track which has Shaan sounding quite different from usual due to far heavier vocals, 'Parwazen' is consistent in its feel throughout its 4 minutes duration and should do well amongst the youngsters if promoted well.

Worst song of the album comes in the form of 'Bekali' which sounds like the one which would have fit into a really low budget film. 80s in its feel with an outdated orchestra doesn't helping its cause either, 'Bekali' is surprisingly rendered by Javed Ali who just a few months ago had rendered 'Jashne-E-Bahaaran' [Jodhaa Akbar] . The number is quite fast paced but that doesn't really help the cause of this frivolous song which could as well have been kept out of the album.

Ultimately, if at all the music of A Wednesday would make any impression whatsoever; it would be due to 'Bulle Shah' and to an extent 'Parwazen'. Apart from these two tracks, 'Bekali' and 'Nazar Lage Na' are absolute letdowns with 'Jalwa' too hardly managing to create a jalwa.

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