4.5 Excellent


When a movie is made with right proportions of logic, creativity, performance and humor, with solid cinematography, editing and background music, you expect an interesting outcome: ‘99’ turns out to be an out of the ordinary movie, worth of every penny you spend on the ticket.

Basic plot is about two ordinary street smart friends ending up in a web of money extortion, illegal betting and dealing with criminal gangs, creating more and more problems to themselves. The characters they get involved with including a pretty girl that falls for the main lead actor all end up in this riveting conclusion of the problem they gotten into. It is not fair to provide any more details of the story; otherwise I may ruin your experience. The first half of the story slowly takes you to that first hike in a roller coaster and the second half takes you through the non-stop twists, leaving you surprised how fast, exciting and entertaining the ride was.

I felt there were multiple climax scenes, each with its thrilling end as directors solve the puzzles one by one. The directors ensured that the stage is properly set and logic is never missed in this plot from 1999. The story is very much believable and combined with backdrop of some true incidents that rocked the cricket world in that year. It is a hard task to mix such true incidents with an imaginary tale, but directors succeeded in doing so. Very apt for the movie liner: Pure Fun, Part True, Part Fiction.

All the main characters gave wonderful performance. Boman Irani, Kunal Khemu and Mahesh Manjrekar deserve special reference. I expected more outright comedy scenes with Cyrus Broacha. Amit Mistry(Kuber) was hilarious, Soha was just perfect for her role and Vinod Khanna did his role with a lot of ease. Casting in total was very appropriate for the roles in the script.

If you are one of those people looking for no-nonsense, no-BS and stimulating fun, that is 99. If you ever wished for a bollywood movie with no typical songs, no melodrama and interestingly natural, that is 99.

Go watch ’99’, you will leave the theatre feeling you made a ‘100’ (century) !