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3 Nights 4 Days Music Review



There are some films that arrive out of nowhere. 3 Nights 4 Days is one such film. Not just they don't even have any promotional campaign in place; they even see an abrupt theatrical as well as music release. In that case, one can't really blame audiences if there is zilch awareness around the product. Also, expectations are nil from the film's soundtrack that has music by Daboo Malik and lyrics by Panchhi Jalonvi.


It's a club beginning for the album with 'Khwahishen' that has Sunidhi Chauhan kick starting the proceedings. She takes a full throated route for the song which has Daboo Malik bringing on a voiceover act. A routine track about youngsters coming together and singing and dancing about life, euphoria, matters of hearts and hope that lies ahead of them, 'Khwahishen' is predictable while sticking to the basics.

Just like 'Khwahishen' that carries a distinct Pritam touch to it, 'Sheesha' follows the same track to it, especially with Neeraj Sridhar being at the helm of affairs. A high-on-orchestra song about youngsters moving on in life with the world of studies far behind them, 'Sheesha', which also features Sunidhi Chauhan, has a celebration feel to it and yet again carries a club dance feel to it. If placed in a film which was better promoted and had boasted of some saleable star cast, this song could well have been a winner for Daboo Malik.

From a couple of club tracks, 3 Nights 4 Days moves on to 'Jaane Yeh Kaisi' which surprisingly turns out to be another good track and also the best that the album had to offer so far. Amal Malik goes solo for this song which is urban, well arranged and could have fit into a bigger and better project. Of course one can't erase the Pritam influence in this song as well but one doesn't mind that as long as Daboo Malik delivers the goods. The number may not be exceptional but from an album that didn't raise any expectations, anything more than decent is good enough for a listener.

As was pretty much on the cards by now, the album takes a softer route with 'Har Mausam'. A number which has melody as its base, 'Har Mausam' has Soham and Akriti Kakar getting together for a romantic duet. The number does give a sense of deja vu in the very first listening. However, it's the tried and tested mode of the song that helps in keeping the album going.

The trend of duets in the album continues with 'Dosti Forever' which has Sunidhi Chauhan giving company to Shaan this time around. Just like 'Har Mausam', this one too follows a tried and tested route and hence emerges safe. A number that has a rhythmic appeal to it, 'Dosti Forever' is the kind of number that helps the situation in the movie even though it won't find itself being played on a repeat mode at home.

Amal Malik returns, this time as a singer as well as the lyricist, with 'Macha Shor'. Even though this is the club track that has been showcased along with the film's promos (of whatever have been on air), it is in fact far behind 'Sheesha' which was easily a front runner. This track, which also has Shweta joining Amal, is actually a lot of noise (hence going with the title of the song), and is best left ignored.

The album ends with theme tracks like 'Marriane's Sorrow' (which carries a pensive feel to go with the situation), 'Dosti Theme' (that gets lively and tries to emulate the trademark theme of Dil Chahta Hai, and succeeds to an extent as well), 'Retro Party' (that gives the feel of a jam session) and '3 Days 4 Nights Theme' (urban and vibrant).


3 Nights 4 Days is not a bad album. Yes, there are a couple of predictable tracks but they aren't bad hear at all. However, what real use is the goodness of songs if they can't reach out to the audiences? One strongly wonders what made the music company as well as the makers of the film give a step motherly treatment to the film's music that did have songs like 'Sheesha' and 'Jaane Yeh Kaisi' showing promise. With the film already in theaters and not even finding any mention whatsoever, the music too would see an untimely death.


Sheesha, Jaane Yeh Kaisi

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