Shah Rukh Khan does a Dev Anand in Imtiaz Ali’s next

Shah Rukh Khan continues to explore new avenues through his roles. After playing his own fan in…
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Write Or Wrong: Is not the script the true star?

Truth is stronger than fiction. Fact is, down the years, it has been proved irrevocably and without…
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Masala Mantra: The lure of the big, ‘bad’ commercial blockbuster

It's simple. If they could, they would - again and again! Speaking of the out-and-out majority of…
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Subhash K Jha speaks about Ankur Arora Murder Case

Picture this. A mother watches her young son being wheeled into the operation theatre for a minor…
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Vijay Anand: The ‘today’ director

He was a multifaceted talent for whom (as is not widely known) acting was his first love, writing…
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Audio release of ‘Pappu Can’t Dance Saala’

Photo Of Vijay Anand From The Audio release of 'Pappu Can't Dance Saala'
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