5 Excellent


This is a great movie with a good star cast and an interesting script. The movie starts of with an angry and vengeful Rakhee. Taking revenge on the already married man (Suresh Oberoi) that left her pregnant and baby aborted (As she thinks). Amjad Khan is the loyal servant who helps her and takes her baby as he was told to do so by Rakhee's dad. Amjad Khan goes back to his village because of the death of his wife. He returns back to Rakhees house with her kid and his own kid, but on the journey there was an earthquake/flood, where Rakhee's baby gets separated. Rakhee now knows she has a baby and awaits Amjad Khans return and a devastated Amjad Khan does not want to tell Rakhee her baby's lost, so he lets her keep his daughter. Years later, Amjad Khans daughter Rati thinks Rakhees is her mum and lives a comfortable life, but the baby that was separated (Rakhee's real son) is Mithun and co incidentally is being raised by the wife of the man Rakhee killed, and The wife witnessed the murder from a distance and wants her adopted son Mithun to take revenge on Rakhee, who is in fact his real mum.

A very interesting film, this is just the first 30 minutes, The film continues to have lots of twists and full on entertainment. This is one of Mithuns best films in my opinion, because he gave a brilliant performance. Normally Amitabh Bahchchan portrays this kind of role (Angry young man), But Mithun does a fantastic job. Rati Agnihotri look quite pretty. Rakhee delivers a good performance. Amjad Khan proves why he was a classic actor. I luckily own this movie, its hard to find it. If you get a chance to see it you wont be disappointed.