4 Very Good

Welcome 2 Karachi

After a long long time, I was overjoyed after watching some movie. Wonderfully written script and at the top of that marvelous execution on the screen. A commendable screen play it was in the movie. With the theme of Confusion and its side effects , movie progresses. First few scenes give you a gut feeling that its not a routine come and go movie and after some 20 minutes, movie changes its gear. After interval you find yourself so engrossed in the movie that you starts guessing What's next... and end of the movie gifts you a good humor.

There is nobody in the cast, who did not do justice with their role. Arshad played his trademark comic role mercurially. It was an effortless, flawless, natural act from Jackky after honest effort in Youngistaan. Few other Pakistani actors also leaves their own flavour. The best part of the movie is, you never loose your smile. The light, humorous and a little sarcastic way of presenting some of the very sensitive truths of our society is really commendable. I am overwhelmed by watching this movie and hope, it would be liked and appreciated more than those clungy, crampy, non-sense movies, which are over flowing in the bollywood these days.