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Welcome 2 Karachi Music Review



The moment promo of Welcome 2 Karachi went on air; it sprung a pleasant surprise with its fun quotient and humor element. You expect the same from the music as well, considering the fact that Arshad Warsi and Jackky Bhagnani are coming together in this comic affair. With multiple composers and lyricists coming together for four songs in the album, you brace up for some quick-fire fast paced songs, a couple of which are online already.


With a title like 'Lalla Lalla Lori', you pretty much know how the flavor would play out in the soundtrack. Composer and lyricist Rochak Kohli comes up with a four minute long fun piece which is bound to make its presence felt in the discotheques and clubs. An out and out dance number which has been sung with aplomb by Vishal Dadlani and Shivi, 'Lalla Lalla Lori' belongs to the current trend of 'daaru party' songs which have been hitting the stands every second week. Still, in comparison to some of the forgettable versions, this one at least works right through its duration. An immensely catchy definite chartbuster.

Looking at the title, you do wonder how 'Boat Ma Kukdookoo' would eventually turn out to be. However, composer Rochak Kohli (with Ravi Singhal as the co-lyricist) continues his good form from 'Lalla Lalla Lori' and delivers another winner in 'Boat Ma Kukdookoo'. On the face value, a song like these may be hard to digest by some purists. However, after a couple of hearing, you do realise that this one by Mika Singh taking the lead (and supported by Shivi, Deane Sequeira, Rochak Kohli) is meant to be an unabashed instant coffee number that keeps those three minutes of film's narrative fast paced and entertaining. In that perspective, it does win well.

Shalmali Kholgade gets into the fun mode too as she begins 'Shakira' with a 'mujra' opening. Soon after, it turns out to be a dance number which pretty much introduces 'Karachi Ki Shakira'. Composer Jeet Ganguly as well as lyricist Kausar Munir deliver something which is not the kind of song that has come out of their repertoire before. A passable number where the sole intention is to act as a filler and not quite aim for a confirmed presence in one's playlist for a longer period of time, 'Shakira' has a 80s feel to it and may just find more visibility if it turns out to be an eye candy affair.

Last to arrive is 'Chal Bhaag' which has its opening words by lyricist Sameer go as 'Ullu Ke Pathe'. This isn't all as it goes on to 'Chal Bhaag Nahi Toh G Pe Laat Padh Jaayegi'. Considering the fact that songs like 'Bhaag DK Bose' [Delhi Belly] and 'G Phaad Ke' [Happy Ending] have been chartbusters in the past, composers Amjad-Nadeem along with singers Wajid and Love Juneja may well have a reason to argue that this is what sells today. Though the song won't be remembered for its lyrical value (Aisi Fati Meri Bhai, Iski Hoga Na Silai), what works is its fast paced treatment. Expect it to appear at multiple points in the film.


Welcome 2 Karachi is not a soundtrack which would have all its songs playing six months down the line. However, it doesn't appear to be the intention either for those who have come together for the music. What works though are a couple of songs which are instant chartbusters and are sure to find an inclusion in the DJ's playlist for celebrations and festivals to come.


'Lalla Lalla Lori', 'Boat Ma Kukdookoo'

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