4.5 Excellent


Absolutely fantastic film. I am genuinely unbiased, i can promise u that, but I think indiafm has really done a disservice to Vivah with their review, it does not do the film justice at all.

Vivah is up there with fanaa and RDB and Munnabhai for best film of the year, believe me. The story is so sweet and simple but so perfectly played. Shahid and Amrita's jodi is absolutely perfect and they prove once and for all that they are the new Kajol / SRK. The way simple emotions are highlighted in this movie, and the way the lead up to a wedding happens is pitch perfect.It is the same little touches that made HAHK and Maine Pyar Kiya so great.

Taran Adarsh has been very unfair by compairing this badly to Maine Pyar Kiya and HAHK, they were 2 of the best films ever, of course in comparison this is not as good - but it is still a fantastic movie.