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Why do Indian movies copy, get inspired or plagiarize other movies. The result is almost always a choppy disaster like Veer is. I have a few suggestions for Indian movie makers:
1. Stop doing these remakes. This is not 1950s. Most people would have watched the original and your movie is bound to be compared.
2. The story and scenes should be realistic. When you see people fly around pulled by wires, it reminds me of those cheap Chinese movies.
3. You can push the boundaries of reality like Avatar or Matrix, but the end result should still be coherent and fit in well.
4. There is so much talent in this country, you can definitely get better script writers and good solid, very solid stories.
Salman, Yes.. you inspire us to hit the gym everytime you take your shirt off, but we don't need that inspiration in every movie. Comprende Amigo?