0.5 Poor

Umrao Jaan

a very boring movie the only good thing was the popcorn. in the original movie one could feel umrao jaans suppressed grief which spills over in the end in this movie aishwariya keeps crying until you are quite tired of it. jpdutta has made some good movies in the past but really he has failed to catch up with the changing trends in the industry.he should hang up his boots and invest his money in some younger directors. the other remake of the year at least had the biggest star in the industry playing the lead role with finesse. abhishek bacchan is overhyped as an actor and seems very uncomfortable and the less said about the other actors the better only shabhana azmi stands out in such a bad movie. she has carried of her role very comfortably. overall i would not advise anybody to watch this movie because everything about it is pure agony