0.5 Poor

Umrao Jaan


Good Director wasted his effort in making a rehash of a good Muzzafar Ali original Umrao Jaan with Rekha. Its a lesson for all directors not to attempt good work of other directors in the name of re-inventing the wheel. The problem with bollywood is that they dont have new ideas to explore. Great copies do not make great masterpieces! Be original J.P. Datta...you have talent dont waste it in mediocre stuff.

The world is moving ahead in fast speed and we tend to live in the past. Why not make Moghu-e-Azam with Amitabh/Abhishekh/Aishwarya and Jaya Bachchan as Jodha Bai...???? any takers Mr. JP Datta....lets see if oyu can better K.Asif...why not...after all you have the ready script and a brilliant cast ( real family situation thrown in with Aishwarya portraying the ultimate role of Anarkali )food for thought or fodder for mediocre film making! Go eat your heart out and watch Aishwarya pouting and giggling like a over grown school kid.