1.5 Average

Umrao Jaan

well its obvious that the comparision of the new version with the old version!.. but whether the new version stands to the expectation.
........answer is nooooooooooooo.

the novel story is wasted in J.P.Dutta's umrao jaan (UM). its more like the story about prostitution rather than the emnotional saga of life.
well i give full credit to one lady that kept me touched to the movie and the one man who made me wait till the end ... not surprise .. they were Alka Yaknik and Annu Malik.... beautiful songs and beautiful voice of Alka is only high point of the movie.. Alka must get National awards for the songs.. same for Annu...(3 cheers.
aishwarya looks beautiful some where and aged somewhere.. her expression while doing mujra are horrible and artifical.. see madhuri carrying out the mujras with such a elegance .. and also mumtaz in her oldies.. aish let down... well also she cant make me cry.. how Rekha made us....she needs only Sanjay leela bhansali.... no one else to prove her acting power.
else long sucking movie and repetative dailogues in urdu.. characters undifined .. as sure let done ..
i was very exciting and having lot of expectation but sur e let down from JP saab and aish..