4 Very Good

Umrao Jaan


its joshua from pakistan....well im a big fan of Ashweriya and Abhishek.As far giving comments on new Ummrao jaan well i havent seen yet. just promos in which Ashweriya is looking goddess. ive seen old umrao starring rekha she was tremendous too. wel ive read comments of dear friends abt latest flick and gave me some shocks. well im dieing to see new umrao but i hope that it would be not so bad as been mentioned in approx every comments given here. JP as a direct is geniues and keeping fingure crossed that a nice output will come. People here waiting for the arrivcal of UMRAO. I hope that this movie works. No matter on the whole how movie would be but there's no doubt that Ash will prove herself as best actress of the year. definately. lets wait and watch wht the final verdict comes and yeah ab t the length of the movie if JP wants a hit and wants umrao work then he shuld do trimming. whereas only 2 tracks are good "SALAM AND TUM JO PASS AHGAYE"....rest...hope that movie works on the box office. rating this movie by reading on others comments.