0.5 Poor

Tees Maar Khan


This is definately Tees Maar Kumar as this can't be done by anyone else except Mr Akshay Kumar, the King of Crap comedies.
I cannot believe he is not growing up, may be I should. Hahhaa. I give his movie a shot everytime to check how low he has gone this time, and there you go!..Akshay can only beat his own record and no one, I mean no one can beat him in making trash movies and proclaiming as if he is doing a favour to the world. Our beloved Kumar keeps talking trash about how much work he has created by making all duds, but what he doesn't say is how he is looting producers and robbing people buy selling fake, stale stuff to them.
Unbelievable but his choices are unimaginabely trash, and as I said he keeps breaking his own record.
Welcome - sing is king etc worked because of the timing it was released not because of the content. There was no content in it. Anees Bazmee has proved it with No problem and he will again prove it with his future releases.
I can go on for hours appreciating these wonderfully talented people who cannot cease to make sh**t movies but for today this is it..Samachar samapth..dhanyavad.