4 Very Good


his film is a typical desi storyline of actor who's father dies by the bad guy and grows up for revenge. But luckily most of the film is not focused on the revenge side although it does have action scenes. This is a David Dhawan Movie and yes it does have comedy. Its like watching a game of cops and robbers, where Sanju is the cop and Govinda is the thief. The movie is very entertaining and i would recommend this to anyone looking for a decent entertainer. Neelam is alright, Anita Raj ain't too bad, Govinda and Sanjay are both equally great. They have made many films together and all have been hits. Do Qaidi, Jeete hain Shaan se, Haseena Maan Jayegi, Jodi No. 1 & Ek aur ek gyarah.