5 Excellent

Special 26
Name says it all, its special for movie lovers, awesome story, perfect movie
Everyone gave their best, there are no OTT actions or unwanted songs, no south masala, original script from the perfectionist Neeraj
Akshay Kumar made an u turn with this movie, back with a bang, i think he should choose more movies like this instead of comedies where he can show his real talent
Manoj and Anupam was awesome
Bollywood should make more movies like this then soon Bollywood will be compared with Hollywood
Movie got an awesome twist, made me speechless at the end
Neeraj is perfectionist, his debut A Wednesday was awesome and now he delivers Special 26, like A Wednesday we can watch Special 26 again and again and we will say WHAT A SPECIAL MOVIE THIS WAS
one word for the movie EPIC