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Spanish Beauty/A Beautiful Wife Music Review



Ok, now one can't be expecting much from the soundtrack of a film which is a dubbed version of a Spanish movie and features songs that are a mix of some new and some heard-before non-film tracks. Add to that, the fact that one is not even sure whether the songs would really feature in the film in background (seems improbable) or have been placed together just to create a music album only makes it further tricky for Spanish Beauty to find much reach for itself. Nevertheless, one plays on this album which has three tracks by Aravind-Shankar and a couple of old numbers by Atif Aslam.


Omer Nadeem, a new entrant on the Bollywood musical scene, croons 'Thum Zara'. A soft track and almost laidback in its appeal, this Dhiraj B. Jha is a love song with a touch of sadness to it. Moving at a slow pace, it comes pretty close to the kind of tracks that Atif Aslam is known for. A decent track, the kind of music style adapted here is on the same lines as that of MM Kreem. Towards the end of the album, Karthik comes behind the mike for a 'remix version' of the same song which turns out to be just about okay.