5 Excellent


Singham is a first rate blockbuster. The action in this film is top notch. Knowing that this all was done by Rohit Shetty it makes this film all the more valuable and the best entertainer this year. The story line is a perfect mix of the good and evil. Both Ajay and Prakash Raj are two of the most sensible actors in our film world. Both Ajay and Prakash take on each other with such gusto that it is hard to root for just one. Through the film you find latching on to both sides for periods of time. Even in the climax there comes a point when you sort of have to become an outsider just to enjoy the full gravity of the situation and take in all the great emotions emoted by Singham and Jaikant. Use of Goa has been the best in this film. The locals aren’t your usual bag of tricks but a simple and elegant nature that shows up and it just puts you to tranquility. Acting offered by all the actors is on par with each other. Special nod goes to Ajay and Prakash they are just outstanding. Prakash Raj is slowly becoming my generations Amrish Puri. He’s portrayal of the negative role is just too good to ignore. I hope he soon gets his due in Hindi films because his work down south is unmatchable. People, who tell you that this is a remake of a south film, be sure to ignore them. The idea is definitely of a south film but execution of the idea is just incredible, Rohit Shetty gets full 100/100 for his effort. He must do more action films.