1 Poor

Singh Is Kinng

movie is okay i guess not great nothin new . Typicl Masala movie a few hit songs ...great visuals and yehhh a super star Akshay- hes good in the movie. Katrina looks niice in each scene but im sorry he acting is sooo woodn its as if some1s holdin a gun to her head and forcin her to act...Katrina makes Kareenas acting look goood and thats baadd! God knows why she is soo hypd.
The songs yehh theyre goood but im sorry the script is CRAP! I think they forgt about the script of the movie and just focusd on the star Akshay as the thought the movie would be hit because of Akshay!
20mins into movie u know wat its about u know wats gonna happn... Total waste of time.
The comedy is the annoyin comedy which tries to make the audience laugh at stupid points. I went to the cinema with tonessss of expc for the movie but came out with a headache!
And know theyre plannin on makin SIK 2?? whos gonna watch it!
if ur a fun loving punjabi who's lookin for a time-pass movie orrr if ur a lover of those punjabi movies with harbhajan maann in them which have no script just good songs then ull love this movie.
I hated it.. Very disappointed and if this movie is a blockbuster then Indian Cinema is finished as movies with a reall script today are flops and masala shit movies like this are a hit :(