3 Good

Flashback - Salaam Namaste
Its not so stupid to see this film after 3 years of its release... But I must say.. Its a worthy fair.
When I read the reviews about the film, mostly positive, but with some negative values exposed by the film as well.
But in this era of metro and changing of minds, Salaam Namaste is an amazing experience which exposed our normally secret, relationship.

Its really logical to focus and base the film in Austrailia as its won't be logical if that's in Mumbhai. Storyline is about two peoples. Ambar and Nick. Ambar, a sweet girl, doing medical studies in Aussi, arrive there because she want to be independant. She doesn't believe in Marriage as she has seen her sister married life. Nick is a person, who is already independant. He's chef. And their caracters are very differents. When the two meets... Nick falls in love with Ambar, but Ambar refused to love him. He proposed to live together .. but sex which is not in their control. Ambar got pregnant, Nick doesn't want the child. And its the story how they get well again.
This one remind me of Kya Kehna which focused on another way. But this pregrency case is different affair. Director Siddhart Anand handles very well all the scenes. But, its not acceptable in most part of India. Metro citizens will appealed the film but the rural people won't understand it. Its too Hollywood-type flick.
Music by Vishal-Shekar rates to very good to excellent as My Dil goes Mmmm, Tu Jahaan, Salaam Namaste and What's going on, all songs stands out very well. Script is very tide as well as the scenes. The funny moments works well too. The lovemaking scene of Preety and Saif's really rocks. But its too exposed? Somewhere, you will find it, specially, Saif-Preety lips lock, the bikini dances track, Salaam Namaste.
Saif looks cute, and handsome, and his performances is completely natural. Preeti Zinta got the role which is similar what she has done in Kya Kehna.She's ok in first half but very well in second half. Arshad warsi is completly funny while Javed Jafree is the best comic king. Abhisheak Bachchan make the climax more delight after too emotional scenes.
So Salaam Namaste will works for urban area lived people but its not a film which can be watch out with family. Its an amazing experience for some, its an question mark for some who will think, is indian are so in overseas... Its doesn't show the family values, but faces us with the problem of Husband and wife, who has been married by arrange married. This one make your mind evoluate. And its worth to see such kind of film for have more ideas about life.