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An open Letter to Taran:
First I like to say you are doing great job as film critics but I always felt that you always try to please big name such as SRK, Yash Chopra, Adiyta Chopra etc. although you did prove me wrong sometimes. I really do not care how you like SRK or not. I adore him but it does not mean I have to appriciate him in movie like asoka or Main Hoon Naa. You have made very numerous amount of wrong criticization but when it comes to the Sanjay Leela Bansali’s “Saawariya,” you have really being unfair.
I am not sure why would you criticize such a well made movie. I usually like your review and sometimes I would go by your reviews. That’s why I even chose to watch “Om shanti Om” over “Saawariya” and honestly I like OSO but today I went to watch Saawariya and realize how bias you were towards OSO. Saawariya is not only well made movie but it is also beautifully directed, well-acted, nicely scripted and great musical movie. A movie that did not deserve your bad criticize. I know that 'to err is human,' but i think you personally wanted make saawariya look bad.
In your review you have asked variours questions, I would like answer those questions in following:
1.Which part of the country is this straight-out-of-a-fairytale town located? And what era are we talking of?
Ans: I just want to ask you are you really dumb or you just miss the first dialogue of the movie, may be you were too busy getting pop-corn. Rani Mukerjee said, " You could not find this town anywhere in the map becuse it's a dream town, it's only in my imagination." Either you do not understand hindi or you just make somebody else watch the movie for you.
2. Even if you subscribe to the theory that it was love at first sight for Salman and Sonam, what is it that keeps their romance going?
Ans. Why would any romance would go further between two ppl because of their likings for each other. you do not have to know anything about that person if you are in love as long you can connect, i thought you said this movie lacks soul but yoou could identify the love of two souls. poor you.
3.Why does Salman disappear suddenly? Besides his name, the girl knows nothing about him. Not his home/native place, work/profession/work place, relatives, nothing absolutely. It's like falling in love with a shadow, isn't it?
Ans. I guess you are living in material world because you do not understand the concept of true love. I guess good for you? Salman disappear because if he didn't their would not be any story or their would not be any need for making a film. Really what the heck you are smoking. I think we were watching a different film from you.
4. Why does Rani Mukerji abandon Ranbir, when he comes knocking on her doors and admits that he wants to spend time with her? Why does she lose her temper, although she secretly loves him?
Ans. Again, did you seriously watch the movie? Did you hear what Rani told her fellow friend, if she let Ranbir comes this time he would be coming their always. Then it will not be love but lust. Rani wanted him to be free as he is. I think if you watched the same movie you would realize that if you like someone you would never want that person to be in brothels. Really i think you have very bad observing capabilities
5. And Salman returns. The sequence that follows and the culmination to the story leave you completely disgruntled and perplexed!
Ans. I can say you were drunk the night you watched the movie or i doubt you actually watch the movie. because i think personally the whole romance was one sided when it comes to ranir and sonam. but sonam and salman they both like each other and they should be together because thats why the movie makes sense.
I personally asking Taran to watch the movie again or if you do not you should apologize to your readers for making bogus reviews. I am sorry I am being harsh but i think you should stop being bias and try to be neutral towards all the movie. I also ask all the viewers to watch the movie. It's a great movie. I believed all the music was well-put and melodious except chalbela. A great perfomance from Ranbir Kapoor two thumbs up. I am glad I watched the movie. I am sure if you have heart and urge for good flim Please watch "Saawariya."