2.5 Good


Jordan(Ranbir Kapoor) is manhandled by couple of policemen. Escaping the scene Jordan makes a rockstar like entry in a stadium concert in Prague. Minutes in to the movie you can feel anger,hatred,passion but not prestige which an artist vouch for. A perfect start and a chance to push the envelope for a Bollywood movie but unfortunately it fizzle.

Rockstar is a prime example where you can see a storyteller torn between honesty and entertainment. At heart the movie not only wanted to show the complication and vulnerability in human relationships but at the same time it wanted to show how an act of levity can eventually turn into adultery. Silence, pain, agony and fear are the tools, but ineffectively used as if directly picked from an off-late “Yash Chopra” Banner movie where emotions are plastic in nature.

Ranbir really rocked the movie with his performance .Yes in some parts he gets irritated abruptly which is a flaw in writing rather than his performance. From an innocuous, gullible middle class Pitampura guy to a cantankerous rockstar “ Ranbir” has put in everything he can.Without any doubt it is his best performance till date. On the other hand Nargis Fakhri as a college hottie, Kashmiri girl Heer Kaul looks unreal throughout the movie.You wont even care that she is suffering from psychiatric issues and is finally diagnosed with a form of terminal bone marrow. Too much screen presence for “Ranbir” hasn’t really helped any other character to build.
Background score is average. Score composed by the maestro AR Rahman has been underutilised .Song like “Sheher Main”,”Hawa Hawa” and “Tum ho” are beautiful compositions but Imtiaz fails to do justice to it.Every song should add an meaning to the movie, but you will feel some songs are randomly popping out. Choosing “Nadaan Parindey” in the fag end left me stumped.Anil mehta’s cinematography is top notch. Screen play in loose like a water.

In the end for Rockstar ,what could have been a dark heart wrenching musical tragedy ends up without making any ends meet. Culprit for the same being the story teller “Imtiaz Ali”,who in past has efficiently told love story (Jab we met) with a lot of conviction and guile.