4.5 Excellent


Again Superstar proved that he is one and only – SUPER STAR, in Robot. Put it in simple statement, I can say for sure “Enthiran is going to be a mega hit in the Indian film industry and there is not doubt in that”. Many Sci-fic films may come, but anyone can say that Endhiran is the one which changed the trend of Sci-fic movie made by Indian film Industry. Certain scenes with regard to technology and grandness are certainly new even for the Hollywood, thanks to Shanker’s effort and the team of Stanley Winston - animation (Terminator, Jurrasic park, Aliens, Iron Man), Industrial light & Magic – visual effects ( Star wars, Jurassic park, Titanic, Avatar,Harry Potter,Last air bender to name few), Yuen Woo –Ping – stunt ( Fist of Legent, Matrix and The Forbidden Kingdom) and Raju Sundaram, Aishwarya Rai simply amazing. Kilimanjaro song shooted at Machu Picchu , Peru (UNESCO world heritage site) and for the music of A.R.Rahman, there is no comparison. To be specific, the fight sequence in the metro train, the fire rescue scene and the last 25 minutes, are the punch and exciting shots which are never made in any world cinema. The quote which I read in a site stating “ Endhiran -150 Crore rupees entertainment for your family “ is not an exaggeration. By Endhiran, Super star has made sure that no territory left untouched by his magnetism. SUN PICTURES proved it’s capability for delivering world class pictures.