4 Very Good


Well nowadays marketing strategy of movie is such that they tell everything possible about the movie before movie gets released and while watching movie, you practically know everything about the movie.

That is why probably I did not enjoy Rajneeti - too predictable and too much exposed in press
But Maniratnam is different. This maverick filmmaker told only those things to press which he wanted to. He wants to give audience a surprise.

All this while publicity stated that this is modern take on Ramayana but i think it is a story about how anyone of us can become Ravana(symbol of evil) at any point in our lives.

Ravan is not a character but a feeling, a thought that makes any human inhuman

I think Taran looks at commercial aspects of the movie to give stars to the movie that is why he does not call himself movie critic, he calls himself trade analyst He is right in giving 1.5 stars as on trade aspect, probably this movie will not succeed but as a movie critic or intelligent audience for whom movie is not just entertainment but much more that that, I think Raavan works big time

From Picturesque locations to Rehman's foot tapping music to immensely relatable charaters to modern world extremists - maoists and naxalites - everything is just superb

When James Cameroon shows a green world through modern camera techniques, we call that worlds greatest movie ever and make Avatar greatest money grosser ever but when our local talent sanotsh sivan captures india's beauty so naturally on cinema, we give only 1.5 stars - not acceptable.

Abhishek is shown as modern day extremists leader who work for rights of poor and can take lives to save grace of his family. This is what any modern hero does in our Hindi movies so why call him Ravana. His just abducted Raagini - Aishwarya to take revenge from So called Dev who at the start of movie is depicted as Rama but by the time movie ends, is shown as normal human being who also has shades of Ravana

As shakespeare says Whats in the Name, that is why by keeping name as Dev - no body becomes Ram and by being leader of extermists, nobody becomes Raavana

Movie captures 14 days of Ragini capture with Beera and she understanding more about the pains and methods of poor people.

My take

Acting department - All main characters Aishwarya, Abhishek, Vikram, Govinda did a faboulous job

Music - When we talk about him, words fall short- Rahman is a talent which ages to come are going to love and respect and Raavan is another Golden chapter in Lifebook of Rahman

Direction - Mind blowing - no other words suit this

Cinematography - If James Cameroon will watch this, he will sign Santosh for his Avataar too