4 Very Good

Pyar Ka Mandir

Pyaar ka mandir is a off repeated storyline about a family of a mother and her children. As usual their is one good son played by Mithun. Desperate for money, Mithun takes the blame of a crime in return of money to help his family. The movie is focused on what happens after Mithun goes prison abandoning his mother with his two lazy idiot brothers. This is a fine movie of the typical family genre in Bollywood. Mithun give a Superb performance, he is one underrated actor in Bollywood. His mother, played by Nirupa Roy gives a Brilliant performance as usual. She is the best mother role actress ever portrayed in Bollywood. The actress is hardly there, just for the dance sequence. Raj Kiran is one of the bad sons, we have seen him in a hundred Bollywood films as the same character. He and Sachin do a good performance as the sons you will hate. Two bad things that didn't make this film a 10/10 it could of deserved is. One, The ending is Lame, Mithun forgives his brothers after the evil things they did in 3 seconds. They should of done a Baghban ending, another repeated storyline movie, slightly slower but great ending. Two, the movie had some fake graphics of building collapsing, which was unnecessary. Still, a Nice family film you can enjoy