3 Good


After a long time we finally get to watch a movie which matches the hollywood's standard's. Its not that bollywood does not has the potential to make movies of that level.. but the thing is that the producers always spend huge amount of money on the cast, location, visuals, etc.. but never pay attention to the most important factor.. the script. Thankfully, it is not the case with 'Prince'. Prince is a well made movie, with a great performance by vivek, not his best but good enough for his fans to give a run for their money. The movie is loaded with twists and turns at regular intervals, some great action sequences, beautiful locations, catchy songs, etc.. in short all the basic ingredients for a blockbuster. But where does it lacks? Its the direction.. first half is good, keeps the viewers at the edge of their seats.. but narration looses its grip in the second half. Also in terms of performances, only vivek lives up to the expectations.. the three female leads are just average.. none among the three of them leaves any impact, neither in terms of looks or their performances. But still Prince is a watchable movie, for its script, action sequences and vivek's performance. All those who like masala action movies will love this one!