4.5 Excellent


Prince - Its Show Time - is really show time for Vivek Oberoi. After a long time Vivek is showing his charisma in Prince. Vivek's earlier releases like Compnay, Saathiya, Road, Masti and Kaal took him to peak but later on he lost his charm. In Kurbaan audience liked his performance but Saif Ali Khan was in the lead and the movie couldn't work at box office. Now after a long time he is coming back in form of Prince.

Prince (Vivek Oberoi) is a professional thief who steals diamonds, gold and antique belongings. One day he wakes up and he finds out that he has a memory loss. He has lost everything. He meets three girls who claim themselves as Maya and each one of them tell him a different story about his past but one thing is common in all of these stories that Prince stole a gold coin and after robbery of that coin he lost his memory. Now he has only 6 days to find out the secret of coin otherwise after 6 days he will die by himself.

Who is real Maya? Which one of the stories is true? What is the secret of that coin? Can Vivek find out the coin? Prince is all about this.

Overall Prince is well written and well executed its quite different than the usual Hindi Cinema. Vivek’ performance, Sachin’s music plus mind blowing action sequences are merits of this movie. Prince may take slow start but it has potential to pick up in coming days.

This Prince has influence to become Prince of the Box Office.