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Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Sooraj Barjatya is one of India's finest filmmakers and this has been proved again in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, they just don't make films like this anymore, in the busy rustle, and tussle of life we have forgotten what family is, and its importance. Well like Salman Khan says "Sooraj Babu"is back, and will teach us the meaning of family, and how to deal with relationships. PRDP is a film which cleanses you and makes you feel good. One feels like hugging there loved ones after leaving the cinema, and that is a huge win for the Rajshri stable. Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Main Pyare Kiya, Hum Saath Saath Hain, Vivah, are all classics some of the best Hindi films ever made and they are all directed by Sooraj Barjayta, what a superb track record!Well its now time to add Prem Ratan Dhan Payo to that list of classics.Simply put PRDP is a masterpiece family film, which the whole family can see, and enjoy. The films huge grandeur, the amazing music, the stellar cast, and above all Salman Khan has given what can be called as one career best performances are Prem Dilwala. He has never been so entertaining on screen before, but more on that later.

Story wise Yuvraj Vijay Singh is injured in an attack by disgruntled family just days before his coronation and the arrival of his fiancée, Princess Maithili.While the prince recuperates in a secret chamber within the royal fort, his lookalike Prem, a small-time entertainer from a nearby town, is discreetly recruited to take his place so the formalities can go off without a hitch. What happens next forms the rest of the plot.

Acting wise Salman Khan is just amazing. As Prem Dilwala he will win the hearts of all the movie going audience, this is one of his most memorable characters. The innocence, the comedy, and the way Prem romances is just too entertaining. Well all know Salman Khan is synonymous with Prem, but this new Prem Dilwala is going to become a iconic character. As Vijay he does a great job also.Sonam Kapoor plays her role with complete grace, and her and Salman's chemistry is perfect. She looks extremely beautiful. Anupam Kher is in fine form, and impresses throughout. Deepak Dobrayal is hilarious. Armaan Kohli, and Neil Nithin Mukesh annoy. Swara Baskhar is good.

The impact of PRDP is huge, and I saw one such example in theaters today when a uncle and his family sitting next to me where crying in a crucial scene where Prem gives his palace to his sisters. That alone proves the film is a winner. The films mounted on a huge scale, its grandeur is a spectacle for ones eyes. The palaces, the colors its all breathtaking. PRDP has the years best music, with the title track, and Aaj Unse Milna, being revered as classics. Salman Khan as Prem Diwala has created a character for the ages. But the films biggest strengths are in its emotions, its tradition values, its simplicity and its message that family is everything. The sequence where Prem writes off everything to his sisters is the films highlight and proves all the above mentioned. And the films first half where comedy is at the fore front is entertainment and laughter to the max.Also don't miss out on the superb soccer sequence. I can go on and on about why I love PRDP, but I'd like to answer some questions which I have seen people saying, and asking about the film. That Isn't PRDP old-fashioned, isn't it too traditional nobody is like that anymore. My answer to this is go to theaters with your family watch the film, and then tell if you feel the same. Because yes the story is predictable and a bit old fashioned but this does not matter because the ongoings are so entertaining,and so beautiful ( and what did you except from a Rajshri film, and after watching the trailer). The only thing I didn't like about PRDP was the villain track of Neil Nithin Mukesh and Armaan Kohli, it was very annoying. But this a very very minor blemish.

Overall like I stated before I can go on and on about why I loved PRDP and why its my personal favorite film of the year. People might call me biased because I am a Salman Khan fan, but when reviewing films I leave all biases aside, this film is truly a classic, masterpiece family film in my opinion that will etched in Hindi cinema history forever. In my whole life I have never seen a film in Surrey BC be house full at 11:50 am on a Thursday, thats the PRDP effect. Its beyond the fact the film will break every box office record, but this film is a must watch for all families because it will make you feel good and cleanse you. Its the Rajshri effect, this is what a traditional Hindi film should be like,its a flashback to the 90s and if your a Salman Khan its a double dhamka run to the theaters. Finally,thank you Sooraj Babu India's finest filmmaker for PRDP.