5 Excellent


Director Mr. Raj Kumar Hirani have different sensibilities, which he proved again. His style of depiction of a serious subject on a light note with humor toppings are again delicious. I love, respect and support this subject so there would be changes of being little positively biased. This is a very good extension of one of my favorite flick "Oh My God". That one was of single plot but PK is multi plotted. Story is just to support and explore the basic idea of film but it's interesting. Screenplay by Director himself and Abhijit Joshi is fresh, logical and different even being very close to "Oh My God". Dialogues by director and writer duo are perfect and logical. In a scene, where Amir Khan is emotionally broken then blast in the background enhances the intensity and carry forward the story ahead very smoothly. The use of old song in a very light note or serious note is also interesting especially "Pardesi Pardesi Jana Nahi" in beginning and "Aasman Mein Hai Khuda Aur Zameein par Hum" in between the film, is good tribute and use of songs. Now this type of film must have been made to rebel the business of fear. We should change our lifestyle by not being God fearing but becoming God loving. Hope such type of films will make changes even a little. Love is a side track but it's very good and emotional with a message too. I personally feel that after a long gap this movie has repeat value. Performance wise Hats off to Amir Khan. He is absolute perfect and first time I witnessed him, doing fantastic in emotional scenes too. He needs extra praising for always choosing something different subject with a message too. Anushka Sharma is fantastic. Her look is different and expressions are very real. Sanjay Dutt is endearing. Shaurav Shukla and Parikshat Sahni are very good. Sushant Singh Rajput is fine. Boman Irani is impressive. Music is melodious, lyrics are perfect. Both gel with the mood and subject of the film very well.