5 Excellent


P.K. , a fantastical comedy-drama by Rajkumar Hirani, mocks and highlights various societal beliefs. Rajkumar Hirani follows the tried and tested formula of his, light hearted comedy coupled with a strong social message. While its no '3 Idiots,' P.K. doesn't fail to impress.

Amir Khan is brilliant as always in his portrayal of an alien astronaut (P.K.), who has landed on Earth for a research expedition.


As soon as he lands, the 'remote' which must be used to summon his spaceship is stolen. With no way to communicate with his people, he is left wandering around and searching for the mystical looking device. Being an alien, he's unable to understand the faiths and beliefs of us human beings. He starts asking questions which leave the onlookers baffled.

During his quest for the remote he encounters Jaggu (Anushka Sharma), a journalist. She is fascinated by his story. Intrigued by his questions,she sensationalises them on the television. He takes on Sadhu Tapasvi ji,who incidentally happens to be Jaggu's family guru and had ruined her relationship with Sarfaraz(Sushant Singh Rajput) by a malicious prediction.


Sanjay Dutt and Sushant Singh Rajput are great in their extended cameos in the movie. Acting performances by the side actors and supporting cast was better than satisfactory. Boman Irani and Saurabh Shukla, both veterans, seem underused in this rather longish movie.

Being a movie inclined towards the mockery of blind followers of various faiths and dogmatic individuals practicing bigotry, the movie is a brave attempt in this highly radical society of ours. The movie is comedic and funny, and will keep you entertained throughout. There are a few loose ends in the script, which are barely noticeable to be fair.

Due to similar themes, the movie may be compared to Oh My God (OMG). However, the plot is different, and the movie manages to keep things fresh and crisp.

The setting may be unrealistic in nature, but the moral is very relevant and simple. The movie and its protagonist,though alien, preach peace, love, and 'humanity'.