5 Excellent


Even though it is not as funny as 3 Idiots, it raised a really important issue. History shows us that people were killed by talking about religion but Rajkumar Hiriani raised the same issue in real mature manner. PK showed the world that religion is not a property of people, instead it belongs to everyone. PK also taught me that best human being would be the one who serves humanity and not the one who is religious. Although the main story is somewhat similar to OMG, (Oh My God), it approaches the subject differently. Romance between Amir and Anushka did not add anything to the story. The development of the story was little slow but it never got boring. The songs were intelligently made, especially love is a waste of time was the best. I really appreciate the way Mr. Hiriani approached the subject. This movie shows that how to forget all the differences between us and live like human beings on this planet that we call home. Comparing this movie with 3 idiots would not be fair as they both are totally different movies, with different audience. I really enjoyed watching this movie. Definitely worth watching.