5 Excellent


Partner is a good movie made by David Dhawan although it is taken from Will Smith starrer Hitch.After watching Partner I decided to watch Hitch on DVD.Salman as Prem or 'Love Guru' is quite cool in his role of a date doctor who helps those guys at whom no girl is interested or they never got their love due to their bad looks or something else.Govinda as Bhaskar who is quite funny in his role of an idiot who takes the help of Prem to woo Priya(Katrina Kaif) and get married to her.Lara as touch-me-not journalist Naina is quite good but does a superb job when she comes to know that Prem,the person with whom she fell in love and her son(Ali Haji) accepted him as his new father decides to disrupt the image of Prem so that he never dares to tell a person how to woo a girl of his dreams.Katrina as Priya is looking quite beautiful in her role.Other actors are also good in their roles and the crew has done an excellent job especially director David Dhawan