3 Good


My take on NH 10 : "A road trip gone Wrong" hundreds of English movies have been attempted with this one line plot but its pretty new to Bollywood. The whole story happens in one night when a husband and wife sets out on a weekend to the outskirts of the city. What happens to them when they get into trouble with some goons. I would say the movie was handled well in terms of BGM, cinematography, and casting. Except Anushka everyone were new faces which added some realism to the plot and made us connect to the story line. Anushka the pretty girl dared to go out of the way showing up as fearless and gets ready to do some kick ass in the second half of the movie.She has used her space this time to add up to the existing woman hood celebration series like Mary Kom,Mardaani, Queen etc.She has done the co-producer role as well in this movie. Her attitude through was depicting a Delhi city girl of today. Smoking scenes was a plus. Darshan Kumar who was seen as a compassionate husband in Mary kom comes as the main antagonist in this movie. He has pulled it off well with his attitude and expression.Otherwise the entire crew was new making the movie seem more real. Coming to the down side of the movie it makes us think whether it was trying to showcase what could happen in a highway or as an insight it shows still we have violent racist caste community in villages.So here is what I felt the director should have focused either highlighting one of the issue more rather than balancing it. There was something lagging in the story line which was making it loose its grip as it flows. May the violences which was involving some gruesome scenes should have been captured well because the camera mercifully turns up in some scenes not exuding the actual gore value. Overall I would rate this flick a 6.5 on 10. Reviewed by Sivakumar Balachandran