3.5 Very Good

New York

The movie is pretty decent watch, its a story of 3 friends who have studied together, with the tinge of love triangle they separate from each other. Now 7-8 years after that they are destined to meet, but its no co-incidence, its all planned and has the thrill factor in it. I won't go into details as it will be spoiling the story. It involves one friend trying to uncover the truth for himself and everyone else.

Some good things about movie

1. Good performances by john, neil, katrina & irrfaan.

2. Decent music by Pritam. Hai junoon & Tune jo na kaha r great

3. Good storyline by Yash raj

Though, i found the storyline not so convincing at times & conveniently assumed at others. Specially the way things move so fast after the friends unite, end was reasonably filmy also. Overall nice movie.