4 Very Good

My Name Is Khan


What one can expect when the triumphet of KJO,Kajol,SRK is coming on the screen after a gap of 8yrs.One can only expect is a blockbuster.But does MNIK does justice to that?Undoubtely,yes.Kjo has made K2H2,K3G,KANK in the past decade and now MNIK.Almost all the movies tht KJO made in the past are love stories bt this one is nt only a love story bt a love story with a difference[Well later on that].He will take you into a world which would make you aware of the mistakes which are being committed by almost each and everyone of us now a days.


MNIK is the story of a guy Rizvaan Khan[SRK] who is suffering from ASPERGER'S SYNDROME.Due to this disease,almost each and every person makes a fun of him.One day he see that some Muslims were talking abt how can Hindu Muslim rights takes place.When Rizvaan listen this then he started abusing them to which his mother says that a person is only knwn by his good or bad things and not by his religion as its a person's sense and mind wht allows him to do a good or a bad work.After some days,Rizvaan's mother take him to a retired professor to whom she requests to teach his child and he agress.One day its starts raining heavily,and the professor's colony was almost filled with water then Rizvaan uses his mind and takes out the whole water and thus he finds out that he can repair almost everything.After some yrs his younger brother gets the scholarship and thus he shifts to california.After six months his mother died and after that Rizvaan shifts to California with his younger brother.There he finds his lady love Mandira[Kajol].After sometime they get married.Everything was fine in their lives till 9/11 attacks.After this their lives suddenly changes only due to the cheap mentality shown by the Americans towards the muslims.Then how their lives changes and how did they come out of it.This is where the main story of MNIK lies.


Director KJO has definitely grown to much higher level since K2H2.This can be easily seen as the dorection is pretty much matured and the director completely knows abt each and every scene completely.This is undoubtely oen of his finest works till date and may be one of the finest work of the decade.Some of the instances are shoot brilliantly[The romance shown b/w SRK and Kajol;When Kajol's son died] which are just out of the world.Thumbs up and 5/5 to KJO for extracting some of the brilliant performances from all the actors from MNIK.


Shibani Bathija's screenplay is truly arresting. Shibani and Niranjan Iyengar's dialogues are noteworthy and many a times, applaud-worthy. Ravi K. Chandran's cinematography is awe-inspiring. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's music gels well with the nature of the film.


SRK is always a power house of acting but in MNIK you need to see him.He is just unmatchable.He has performed so well that you cant describe his acting skills in words.Kajol is excellent.After seeing her,you cant tell that she hasnt done any movies from a very long time.She matches with SRK at each and every step.The chemistry b/w SRK and Kajol is excellent.They both compliment each other and this movie proves it again.

The film boasts of a number of capable actors, but the ones who leave a rock-solid impact are - in this order - Zarina Wahab, Sonya Jehan, Jimmy Shergill, Arjun Mathur, Parvin Dabas and Arif Zakaria. Sugandha Garg is confident. Navneet Nishan supports well. Vinay Pathak leaves a mark in a brief role. Tanay Chheda [young SRK] and Yuvaan Makaar [SRK and Kajol's son Sameer] are excellent. The American actors, especially the kid who plays Sameer's friend, deserves mention

Overall,MNIK is a wonderful film which will touch your heart and it would attract almost every person towards it.In weekend,it must work excellently everywhere espcially at single screens.Strongly recommended,go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!