0.5 Poor

My Name Is Khan

one of the dumbest movie one could ever make,srk and co should thank only bal thackeray and co for the films notoriety.in fact the controversy is certainly a marketing conspiracy to fool the people watch this dumbo.
Karan Johar made this film as college amateurs make dramas for their annual day.No story,no script,nothing to narrate,he has made this movie while watching tv,9/11,north carolina cyclone katrina,obama election,these are the only ingredients for him to make a movie,this is nothing but a 3 hour complaint,that too a lousy one for srk's detention at a US airport,we all have to suffer his boorish grouse just because he can make a movie,the srk,kj duo have abused the cinema medium to publicly display their sob story and we have to pay to watch this product of the morons
it was very difficult to sit in the thetre to continue to watch the movie,what a punishment it was?,
and why fox company has to pay 100 crores if they were not sure of the conspiracy to market this dud of a dumbo movie..
a big waste