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My Name Is Khan

Leaving trade publicists spinning further, MNIK crashed by around 70% again over its 2nd weekend. In India, the film could barely net over 8 crores; helped comparatively by Mumbai's 65% crash compared to the blowout in places like Indore (on a 80%+ nosedive) in middle India. The film generally has been in relapse since opening Monday. Even where its not a washout the drops have been huge. At this point, My Name Is Khan is looking at a 55-60 crore run at the end in the country and a boatload of losses.

Outside India, if the hopes were to compensate the losses in India with a Slumdog Millionaire type run overseas, that is not going to happen. My Name Is Khan has crashed in USA also dropping over 64% in its 2nd weekend. Never mind Slumdog Millionaire, it won't be able to catch 3 Idiots from bollywood itself overseas. And the irony is 3 Idiots was set in India not San Francisco. UK's heavy muslim/Pakistani population supported it better with drop of around 50% but in the end this segment won't be nearly enough.

Overall the 100 crore film needing 250 crore gross revenues for the distributor has come out cropper and will be a major loser. The optimistic estimates are losses of 15-20 crores. With the release of Amitabh Bachchan's Teen Patti and Karthik calling Karthik, the chances for My Name Is Khan are pretty much over. Suffice to say Fox International will not be burning its hands on Shah Rukh Khan or 'My Name is Khan' type cinema anytime soon.

Last week's Tabu starrer Toh Baat Pakki couldn't make much head way either, opening at 5% and staying thereabouts. 'Click' too is not faring well, both look to end up under 2 crores.
Hardcore truth's controversy pay back about Rs 18 to 20 crores extra money in India and in Overseas controversy was create huge hype too but in second week everything washed out everywhere in every market.In even Overseas for MNIK hard to cross 3 Idiot business. Remember Overseas collection just gross not a net income. I think Fox in the future will be think about 100 times before put the money on Shahrukh movies !!!!