5 Excellent

My Name Is Khan

My Name is Khan is basically great cinema. Whether its screenplay, acting, execution, cinematography, or script writing. Its really hard to get all those things right in a movie and that is probably why the movie lacks an entertainment aspect. Yes, I agree this movie does not have a repeat value but that doesn't prevent it from being one of the finest movies to come out of Bollywood. I think KJO has done an outstanding job with the execution and a lot of the scenes have profound meaning to them. Its cinema at its best, literally. SRK is simply outstanding and no one can doubt the fact that he is the best we have and MNIK proves that. SRK gives an extra dimension to the Rizwan tale through his perfect expression of Asperger's. Kajol was a treat to watch after so long. The movie has an extremely simple yet a powerful message and I think people these days need to be reminded of that simple statement to make this world a better place. It also gives a different insight into the realm of Islam. This movie belongs in the category that Rang De Basanti belongs to because it encompasses great cinema with powerful message without entertainment being the priority.