4 Very Good

Mem Saheb

Bombay-based Meena (Meena Kumari) lives a wealthy lifestyle along with her Chacha (Gani) and Chachi (Munna Bai) in a mansion. When asked to marry, she places an advertisement in the local newspaper, and after interviewing many males, chooses Manohar (Shammi Kapoor) to be her future husband. She shares this news as well as introduces him to her family - who disapprove and remind her that her late father had selected a groom named Sunder (Kishore Kumar) even before she was born. She scoffs at this and announces that she will marry Manohar soon. Then Sunder, who was living at an ashram for Brahmacharis, shows up at her home - complete with beard and traditional clothing - and is all set to get married to her. When facing rejection, he decides to change his lifestyle and be like Manohar - and does so - albeit with hilarious results. He is pleased when he notices a change in her and takes her home to introduce her to his mother (Pratima Devi) - little knowing that the change is only superficial - and she an hidden agenda that she wants to accomplish deceptively.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)