4 Very Good

Indra Kumar's MASTI is a delightful and witty farce on the subject of sex. It's not the most clever, incisive or charming comedy, but it does most things well and provides value for money in those three hours.

Meet [Vivek Oberoi], Amar [Ritesh Deshmukh] and Prem [Aftab Shivdasani] are close friends who've had their share of fun when in college. But when married, they discover the hell behind the heaven, the bickering behind the bliss and the agony behind the ecstasy.

Indra Kumar is back to where he started. In his directorial debut DIL, the director showed a flair for light entertainers. In DIL and ISHQ later, the director and his team of writers merged light moments and dramatic portions proportionately. But in MASTI, there's no serious moment at all. It attempts to tickle your funny bone and Indra succeeds to a large extent.

Indra opens the cards at the very outset. In fact, the very first song at the start of the film says it all - 'Ek Kunwara Phir Gaya Maara'. After the initial introductions of the characters, the film gets down to business the moment the three friends decide to look beyond their wives for intimate moments.
At last i like this.