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Love U… Mr. Kalakaar! Movie Review

Love U… Mr. Kalakaar! Movie Rating

We continue to borrow from films made in the 1970s and 1980s: A good-looking couple falls in love, the family doesn't approve of their relationship, they face obstacles, the lovers adhere to the conditions set by the family, love triumphs in the end... The template remains the same, only the faces change.

When you have Rajshri producing a film with a similar plot, they integrate Indian values, tradition and culture in the script effortlessly. The characters often talk of Bhartiya parampara and sanskriti.

LOVE U... MR KALAKAAR! isn't directed by Sooraj R. Barjatya, but first-time director S. Manasvi seems under the strong influence of Sooraj's movies. It's good to follow the footsteps of one of the most successful directors of our times, but the problem with LOVE U... MR KALAKAAR! is that it tries too hard, but doesn't quite reach there. Like all Rajshri movies, this film is syrupy sweet, which looks so unreal and dreamlike in today's times. Though the film is set in 2011, it looks as if the characters live in 1980s simply because this one's too old-fashioned and behind the times.

The plot is beaten to death. The drama isn't persuasive enough. The emotions fail to strike a chord. Sure, a few moments are worth appreciating, but one swallow does not a summer make.

LOVE U... MR KALAKAAR! is about Sahil [Tusshar], a cartoonist, an artist, an orphan, while Ritu [Amrita Rao] is a management trainee, whose works in her millionaire father's [Ram Kapoor] organization. Sahil and Ritu are drawn towards each other. But Ritu's father believes that artists don't make responsible husbands. They are ruled by their hearts and therefore, cannot survive in this manipulative world. The father eventually agrees to their relationship, but sets a pre-condition: Sahil will have to prove himself worthy.

There's nothing in LOVE U… MR KALAKAAR! that you haven't watched before. The only difference being, the director takes the love affair to the Board Room. The hero has to show results [profits] in three months, else the prospective father-in-law would drop him like a hot potato. The hero accepts the challenge, albeit reluctantly. No prizes for guessing what happens in the end.

I agree, there's a sizable section of the audience that adores the saccharine sweet tales that Rajshri is synonymous with, but LOVE U... MR KALAKAAR! comes across as a poor imitation or an impoverished clone of the successful films made by this reputed production house. Which explains why the film doesn't really cut ice with the viewer. The beginning and the end, though predictable, are at least engrossing, but it's the middle that's hard to endure. The entire drama - Amrita being sent away to her nananji [Prem Chopra] and a new contender [Prashant Ranyal] arriving on the scene, while the villains [Jai Kalra, Yateen Karyekar] plant a femme fatale [Snigdha Akolkar] as Tusshar's secretary - is just not happening.

Director S. Manasvi, who has also penned the script, isn't able to rise beyond the stereotypical situations. Sandesh Shandilya's musical score is soothing. 'Sarphira Sa Hai Dil' and 'Bhoore Bhoore Baadal' are pleasant compositions aimed at the die-hard romantics.

Tusshar suits the role to the T. In fact, the role is an extension of what he is in real life - honest and sincere. No wonder, you relate to him when you watch him in this movie. Amrita is a fine actor and she demonstrates her acting skills yet again. Only thing, she needs to work on her wardrobe. Ram Kapoor impresses a great deal, except when he screams at his sister [Madhoo]. That's the only time he goes overboard. Madhoo is wonderful; it's so good to see her after a hiatus. Prem Chopra sparkles in a brief role. Jai Kalra acts the devious part confidently. Kiran Kumar is okay. Snigdha Akolkar is passable. Prashant Ranyal is fair. Yateen Karyekar hams.

On the whole, LOVE U... MR KALAKAAR! is antiquated and old-fashioned and therefore, doesn't work.

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