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Love Sex Aur Dhokha Music Review



One fails to understand why the music of Love Sex Aur Dhohka was not made available on stands right till the release of the film? After all the music of Dibakar Banerjee's last film Oye Lucky Lucky Oye has seen a good following over the year gone by with songs by young composer Sneha Khanwalkar finding a good response amongst the youth. Moreover, the title song of Love Sex Aur Dhokha has seen wonderful response from viewers as well ever since it was pushed rather hard across music channels. This is why it is nothing but sacrilege to see such strange product placement when the album promises to have something interesting at least in the offering.


It's the sound of a woman's shriek followed by some addictive beats that make 'LSD title track' the kind that would lead to a DJ salivate. An excellent track with an innovative tune coupled with some catchy backup vocals that make 'Love Sex Aur Dhokha' the kind of number that has a potential to live on many more months to come. Written by Dibakar Banerjee (who has in fact the lyricist for the entire album), 'LSD title track' boasts of an amazing rhythm that stays with you after the very first hearing itself. Now this single by Kailash Kher itself is a complete 'paisa vasool' affair and the shorter 'remix version' by singer Nagarjun only acts as a dessert.

Kanu Behl is the co-lyricist with Dibakar as together they come up with a satirical number 'Tainu TV Per Wekhya'. Making a mockery of the influence that media has on personal lives, Kailash Kher sings a track which picks up current topics like TRPs, marriages taking place on TV, controversies leading to more visibility etc. etc. A situational track which has a core Punjabi setting to it.

Those who have seen the film would recollect a down market item number that was shot in the first episode. However, while it worked to some extent as a part of the film due to its situational appeal, 'I Can't Hold It Longer', which is more or less out of tune for most of its duration, is an assault on the ears when heard as a part of the audio. In fact it is difficult to imagine someone sitting through this strange fusion number for its entire 3 minute duration. Ironically, the person behind the mike is composer Sneha herself.

In line with the satirical mood of the film arrives 'Mohabbat Bollywood Style' which does bring on a smile due to obvious reference points it has from Aditya Chopra films. No wonder, everything from DDLJ to Mohabattein is borrowed in the way this song is tuned, orchestrated and arranged. What's more, even singer Amey Date croons just like Udit Narayan to lend the song an added 'Yash Raj film' touch. Nihira Joshi, who has sung some Bollywood songs in the past, is spirited as well while Anshuman Jha, who plays a lead in the first episode of the film, comes up with some dialogues in the background. Watch out for the lyrics that make a complete mockery of hundreds of heard-before romantic songs from the past.

Though one never got a chance to hear the much referred track 'To Nangi Achchi Lagti Hai' in the third episode of Love Sex Aur Dhokha, it is presented in the album as 'Tu Gandi Achchi Lagti Hai'. Sung by Kailash Kher, it is an apology of a song due to its predictable flow and boring outlook. However, one tends to believe that this was actually the intent since this particular episode involved a hip-hop star seeing popularity coming his way despite his lack of talent!

In addition to these songs, there are also a couple of bonus tracks from Kailash Kher's non-film albums. While 'Na Batati Tu' has been extracted from 'Yatra', the remix version of 'Tauba Tauba' is from 'Kailasa'.


In entirety, Love Sex Aur Dhokha is no great shakes with the graph only sliding down with every passing song. Also, in comparison, the soundtrack of Oye Lucky Lucky Oye was a far more fulfilling experience. However, as a single, the title track rocks and that is the only (and a major) reason why one would want to pick this album up.


LSD Title Track

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