3.5 Very Good


Hritik Roshan is featuring in a Bollywood flick as the lead after two years in a movie being produced by his dad who has proven to be a very successful producer and director in the past and this time its a mega budget movie with a budget of over Rs. 60 crores, ..which is a real big number, being released worlwide!!! That's what the hype about the newly realeased movie,"Kites" is about. The expectations are really high as for the fans of Hritik who are seeing him in action after two years and also the other audience who are expecting a big entertainer in the summer vacations.. Let me get this straight, "Kites" lives up to the expectations of Hritik's fans, but for the other audience... its not an 'aam janta' movie. It has got the ingredients of a perfect bollywood flick, i.e., romance, comedy, emotions, action, betrayal, etc.. but what the movie lacks is the "desi pan" which most of the viewers were expecting.
The story is about a young man J (Hritik Roshan) who falls in love with a Mexican girl,Natasha(Barbara Mori) who neither understands/speaks English nor Hindi. Its a story about love beyond the boundaries of culture, language, etc. Some dramatic turn of events lead both of them to be the most wanted criminals of Las Vegas and so the story moves on with a few twists and turns, thought the narration is very plain and simple.
Talking about the script, its a very average one. But Director and story writer Anurag Basu makes sure that the story keeps the viewer engaged till the climax. The first half takes a bit of time to set the flavour of the movie, setting up the characters, defining the story of the movie, though Anurag could have been a bit faster in the proceedings. The second half on the other hand is action-packed, and it is where the story paces up and makes the viewer more involved in the proceedings.
Talking about the star cast, Hritik is the biggest name among the cast and his performance is also the best among the cast. This is Barbara Mori's first bollywood movie and she does well to match up to Hritik's performance. As far as her dialogue delivery is concerned, its not a big issue as she plays Mexican who only knows Spanish, so she does not get much dialogues in English and Hindi. The other big names are Kangana Renaut, who is actually wasted and she does not get much scope, Kabir Bedi's role is also limited. Debutant Nicholas Brown stands up to deliver a very fine peformance as Tony, the villain of the movie.
The screenplay is strictly ok, it does remind of "Ghajini", in which the present story and the flashback were mixed brilliantly. The Cinematography is splendid, giving a complete Hollywood look to the movie. The action sequences and chasing sequences are shot brilliantly.Music by Rajesh Roshan is good. Background score by Salim-Sulaiman is top notch which truly matches the international standards.
On the whole "Kites" does work, but it does have its weak moments in the first half and also the climax gives hiccups to many of the viewers. It leaves some questions unanswered. But still its a good movie to watch. Hritik's acting and the cinematography are the soul of the film.